Compass Legal Services, Heather Forrler, Attorney, Lawyer, Divorce Lawyer, Family Law, Estate Planning, Business Incorporation, Arbitration

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Compass Legal Services, Heather Forrler, Attorney, Lawyer, Divorce Lawyer, Family Law, Estate Planning, Business Incorporation, Arbitration

Compass Legal Services, P.S.

Estate Planning • Family Law • Divorce Attorney • Arbitration • Business Incorporation

Peace of Mind through Estate Planning and Family Law

Compass Legal Services is your Kitsap County, Washington based Estate Planning and Family Law firm. We are dedicated to helping you navigate the legal system to establish both short-term and long-term security for yourself and your family.  Security means peace of mind for our clients and that peace of mind enables you and your family to grow stronger and participate more fully as members of our community.

We believe that family, in its myriad forms is the keystone of any community. A genuine dedication to ethical legal practice is likewise the bedrock from which we endeavor to provide excellent legal services to our community, you and your family.

What About Divorce?

Many might ask, “Your firm represents people getting divorced.  How is that making their families stronger? Doesn’t divorce tear families apart?” This question speaks to the very heart of our work here at Compass Legal Services.  We know that, sometimes, divorce is the kindest option our clients have to ensure the long-term security of their families.  When hiring a divorce attorney is necessary, we strive to support our clients in such a manner that protects their personal dignity and integrity.  We treat all people with respect.

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The Power of a Parenting Plan with Specific Provisions

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Kitsap County litigation cases include:

Divorce, Child Support, Parenting Plans, and Other Family Law Matters.

Non-litigation matters include:

Estate Planning, Uncontested Divorces and Post-Divorce Modifications, Property Agreements, Business Incorporation.

Non-litigation matters can be handled for clients throughout Western Washington, including Port Angeles, Port Townsend, Port Gamble, Bainbridge Island, Bremerton, Silverdale, Belfair, Gorst, Shelton, Mercer Island, Edmonds, and Port Orchard.

Our affordable rates and exemplary confidentiality & service will ensure your legal matter is handled with confidence and discretion.

Compass Legal Services, P.S.

Heather E. Forrler

Compass Legal Services, Heather Forrler, Attorney, Lawyer, Divorce Lawyer, Family Law, Estate Planning, Business Incorporation, Arbitration

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Due to ongoing and ever increasing security concerns with the Yahoo email network, Compass Legal Services is unable to send email correspondence to email addresses.  Additionally, email received from Yahoo accounts, with or without attachments, may be deleted without being opened to protect our in-office network and individual computer systems.

We strongly encourage all clients, colleagues and others who wish to communicate with our office via email to utilize more secure e-mail systems such as Gmail, Hotmail/Live/ or hosted email.  For those who choose to continue utilizing Yahoo Mail, we caution that you not send any confidential information such as passwords, bank or credit card information or other sensitive personal information using your Yahoo email address.

Do you need an attorney?

 Ask yourself these questions:

  • Estate Planning

    Was your Will prepared before your last life-changing event (child born, marriage, divorce)? Is your medical directive/directive to physician (Living Will) outdated? Have more than five years passed since you reviewed your durable Power of Attorney?

  • Family Law

    Are you planning to move in with your significant other? Are you planning a marriage that will result in a blended family?

  • Divorce & Child Support

    Have you and your spouse decided to divorce or legally separate? Do you need help with Child Support? Is your Parenting Plan outdated?

  • Business Incorporation

    Do you own all or part of a closely held business? Could you lose everything if a customer sued your business for not doing its job well?

  • Arbitration

    Do you have a disagreement with another person or entity that you would like to resolve without going to court?Are you unable to reach a settlement despite going through mediation? Would you like a private, inexpensive means of having someone make an informed, yet neutral and fair decision concerning your dispute?

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